tooktake HOURLY labels
tooktake HOURLY labels

tooktake HOURLY labels

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Refill your own display or tooktake display box with tooktake HOURLY dosage reminder labels.

  • For vitamins or medication that needs to be taken multiple times a day, a certain number of hours apart. Ex: every 4 to 6 hours as needed.
  • Each tooktake hourly medication reminder label is good for one 24-hour period and has space to note the number of hours between doses right on the label. 
  • Works on all forms of medication and vitamins. Liquids, lotions, sprays, creams, drops, and of course pills.
  • Great for kids, teens, adults, and pet owners!
  • With tooktake HOURLY medication reminder labels, we recommend that users place the label on the bottle, package, or container of any medication that is taken in hourly intervals, proactively.
  • For medications or supplements that need to be taken once or twice a day, for a limited time, tooktake 7-10 day reminder labels are ideal.
    • Simply place the tooktake label on the bottle or box of your required medication/supplement.
    • Each day, when they take the required dosage, they just peel off the perforated tab that corresponds to the dose number you are taking.
    • If they take it twice a day, use one side for morning and the other for evening. 
    • No more wondering if they took it!
  • 4 tooktake hourly medication reminder labels in each package